Monday, December 17, 2012

Report from The Brooklyn Charter School

Mr. Ricky and Ms. Marie started working with students at the Brooklyn Charter School a few weeks ago:

The 3rd graders already wrote their own song! After leading them through series of questions about where they are from and their interests, they put together the song below with the help of Mr. Ricky

Who we Are
We’re gonna tell you
Who we are x4

We live in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Danberry
Some of us like Macaroni and cheese
Some of us love fried chicken
Some of us like Hip hop and R&B
Some of us like Rap
Some of us were born in New York
Some of us were born in another state
Some of us were born in another country

That’s who we are x4

We’re gonna tell you
Who we are x4

Some of us like to go to the beach
Some of us like to go to Connecticut
Some of us like football
Few of us like track running
Few of us like to be a designer
Few of us like to be a scientist

Three of us don’t like Macaroni and cheese
Most of us don’t like veggies
Some of us breath to feel better
Some of us throw thigns to feel better

That’s who we are x4

We’re gonna tell you
Who we are x4

As for the 4th graders, they wrote and performed very poignant poems inspired from the Georges Ella Lyon's "I'm from" poem. They recently started writing a song about their neighborhood that we will post very soon!

The 5th graders did not stop: they wrote a song, discussed facial expressions and the components of self-presentation, visited the Brooklyn Museum where they look at portraiture including portraits of Georges Washington, Prince YaYah and much more. They most recently made their own portrait. After reviewing their museum visit,  students chose items: clothing, jelwery and other props they wanted to incorporate in their self-portrait and worked with a classmate to have their picture taken. They will soon create a frame for it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Busy Beavers in Queens!

The students at IS 237 have been busy getting formal - learning how to tie ties for formal events, and even how to wear ties on casual occasions.  Here, Samantha proudly displays her tie tying abilities!

Over at PS 201, Mrs. Agati's class has been busy learning how to make different kinds of cards - greeting cards, invitations, thank yous, and thinking of you cards!  Mrs. Fiske's class has been busy learning how to buckle a belt, which they're starting to get the hang of!  They first get their hands ready by singing a warm-up song with Miss Shawna, and then they're off to buckling!  Take a look at Dean and Julia, perfecting the art of buckling!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Learning about greetings, first impressions and social interaction through role play and music at PS186 X

In the last two weeks students at PS186X have been making some wonderful progress. Class warmups, lead by Music Therapist Aaron Shragge begin with collectively taking three deep breathes while stretching. Then the class will transition to rhythmic call and response and or the presentation of an original song "Stand Tall" led by Aaron Shragge. This has then been the starting point to make the connection between how music and conversations can be very similar in that they can have three parts: Introduction (Greetings), Development (Getting to know each other), Conclusion (Saying Goodbye). Aaron has then often played an example of this kind of structure on the FlugelHorn with three clear sections. Next Marie Clapot will lead the class in creating a conversation script that follows this three part structure, then role play the conversation.

After students get familiar with the structure they have then been able to make up spontaneous conversation in context of this form. Some of the best role plays have included: a student meeting a Principal, a bodyguard being interviewed for a job with both Justin Bieber and President Obama as well as several role play in which a students would meet the first lady Michelle Obama. The role play allowed for students to express themselves in a creative format as well as learn about essential social skills of how to make a good first impression, communicate in a conversation and the difference between formal and informal meetings. 

written by Aaron Shragge,