Monday, November 21, 2011

School is back in session

Art Beyond Sight is back at P.S 201 in Queens with its Dress for Success and Come to the Table programs. Shalim, Maisha, Dean, and others in Ms. Agait’s class worked on zipping. Mr. Pete (ABS’s Peter Galub) wrote a new song to help them.

A zipper is like a train (a zipper is like a train)
And a train needs a track (a train needs a track)
Put one hand on the train, the other on the track
Join that train, to its track.
Ride it uptown
And don't look back

Pete Galub says: “Most New Yorkers ride the trains everyday, and so the metaphor of trains and tracks was one I thought the kids at PS 201 could related to- hence, "A Zipper is Like a Train" The musical structure follows a country/blues form in the style of someone like Johnny Cash. I tried to make it playful, catchy, and somewhat educational. The kids liked singing it and it the subject of trains and going places kept them engaged in the activity.”

Ms. Hertler’s class discussed table etiquette and practiced their dining skills. Elizabeth and Mr. Pete went to the restaurant “Chez Marie” where Rida, their waitress, taught them about correct place setting and proper table manners. Need help remembering the order of the utensils? Here’s a trick: Just follow the alphabet as you place utensils from left to right, i.e., place them in alphabetical order. F for Fork comes first, followed by K for the knife, and S for the spoon. Students also practiced using their forks and knives to cut food, starting with bananas.

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