Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Songwriting for Style

The students at the New York Institute for Special Education and the Lavelle School for the Blind have been hard at work songwriting! These students have learned how to write songs, produce simple productions using GarageBand, and alter the sounds they've produced in just a few short weeks. Miss Shawna has set up some guidelines to songwriting, using the ideas of rhyming, brainstorming words, and creating stories to assist the students.

The theme of personal style and dressing for success is stressed, and major areas of popularity in this topic included hats, shoes, and what is that 'special something' that makes the student who they are. Personal revelation and exploration is really coming about in these students! Us folks at Art Beyond Sight are so excited to see what awesome talents these students have, as they are constantly evolving and even sometimes teaching us new things!

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