Monday, February 13, 2012

PS 201 at the Queens Museum of Art

Ms. Agati and Hertler's classes visited the Queens Museum of Art last Thursday. What a day students had with Ms. Mitra and Ms. Jen, their tour guides. They first explored drawings -- but not the typical kind of drawings, but rather drawings that had been ripped apart and then reassembled in unexpected ways. After studying these works, the students were given pieces of a drawing and created their own new artwork from them (see picture).

Students also looked at sculptures that looks like "tents" and took a walk around the Queens Museum's famous New York City panorama, where they tried to locate their own homes and various city landmarks. To top off the visit, students went to the art studio and, using a similar artistic process similar to that of artists observed during the tour, they created their own drawings (see picture).

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