Thursday, February 10, 2011

Visit from Mariebelle Chocolatier

The Students at PS 102 were lucky this past Tuesday. They got a wonderful visit from Rodolfo who works at Mariebelle Chocolatier!
Students learned that chocolate comes from a pod that grows on a tree – it’s called a calabash and inside of it we can find…cocoa beans! Rodolfo explained to us how white, milk, and dark chocolate are made. We even got to touch some cocoa powder, a calabash and cocoa beans and eat some cocoa nibs. Then students got to taste different kinds of chocolate, from the sweetest to the bitterest. Now we are all experts at tasting and recognizing good chocolate: smell, listen, if it breaks in a snap it was baked at a good temperature! And taste it, no need to chew, let it melt in your mouth, and pair it with some hot chocolate, orange juice or white grape juice. What a treat!

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