Thursday, March 3, 2011

PS 201 at the Queens Museum of Art

Where to start? We did so much today.

Ms. Portia’s class had so much fun in an art-making workshop. They created pictures with markers, crayons and wiki sticks. Angel made a beautiful ship and lighthouse. Then, the students were in for a treat. Ms. Donnielle and Ms. Christine, two of our hosts at the museum, had them pour and spread glue all over small globes (and they could use their bare hands to do so!) that they decorated with various materials: fabrics, ribbons, wool, flowers and many others. They also had their photographs taken by Ms. Donnielle, who brought costumes and accessories for them to don. Marques decided to be batman, Destiny a rock star, and Anaiah the Statue of Liberty. We went on a walk around New York City panorama, a huge 3-D reproduction of the five boroughs built by Robert Moses for the 1964 World Fair. And finally, after two hours, we decided it was time to go back to school.

Ms. Emily’s class participated in a photography workshop. Students got to dressed up as any character they wished and, using digital cameras, shot portraits of their classmates and self-portraits, which they did by turning the camera towards themselves and extending their arms before shooting. Students discussed contrast and how to choose a good background for the subject they wanted to photograph. They then experimented by placing an object of their choice on different color papers and taking pictures of it. The group also went into the galleries to look at portraits -- photographs and statues -- which will hopefully inspired them next time they pick up a camera.

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