Thursday, March 3, 2011

Report from PS 201 in Queens


Over these past two sessions, students in Ms. Emily’s class made their self-portrait: from dressing up to taking the picture to framing it. See the result.

Working with Clay

Ms. Marie and Ms. Shawna had some plans for those little hands. We got to make them flexible and strong so that we can zip our jacket, button up our shirt and tie our shoes. We first started with a song, woke up our hands by clenching our fists and wiggling our fingers, then we went to the interesting part: the clay. Leenah told us clay is very cold and hard but little by little everyone was able to tear apart pieces of clay that we rolled in our hands and flattened up. Anaiah decided to make a cat, Shalim a snowman, Maisha a pot, leenah a dog and Marques a car. Look at them!

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