Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Letter Writing at The Brooklyn Charter School

4th graders students started their correspondence with students from France, California and Montana. After introducing their pen pals’ places of origins through music and other cultural traits, Mr. Ricky and Ms. Marie discussed the structure of a letter using the “5 parts of a friendly letter” model (see below).  They discussed what kind of information one can share in the body of the letter and what questions could be asked. Soon to be sent…
5 parts of a friendly letter
1.      Heading, 2. Salutation, 3. Body, 4. Closing, 5. Signature

Heading include your address and the date.
Usually you leave out the address in a friendly letter


Dear____ ,

The blank part should include the name of the person
 to whom you are writing. Place a coma after the name.

Contains the information you want to include in your letter

The first word is capitalized and the last word is followed by a coma.
Your friend, Your Pen pal, Sincerely, Kind regards,

Your name goes here

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