Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Standing Tall through collaborative Song Writing at PS186 X

In the weeks before the Christmas break students at PS 186 X have been internalizing their understanding of the Standing Tall curriculum through collaborative song writing. This has involved creating songs that draw from the themes of how to hold ones composure in a confident way in order to make a good first impression. Lead by Marie Clapot and Aaron Shragge, students began by choosing lyrics that were then rapped or sung. Below is an example of collaborative lyrics from one class. 

Saying hello
How is it going
That’s how we make an impression
That’s how we make people feel good 

Students have also been able to put these social skills into action through the process of collaborative song writing by creating instrumental tracks together on Garageband. In the following excerpt each instrumental part was created by  a student which then provided a musical background for the vocal track that was improvised by another student on the theme of Standing Tall. 

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