Thursday, January 13, 2011

Great Relationships Start with Hello!

This week at PS 201 in Queens, Miss Marie and Miss Shawna have really been reinforcing the theme of "great relationships start with hello"! The students sung about different skills needed to form a relationship, and also role-played with each other using different situations. Raheem, Justin, Samantha, Emmanuel, Rita, and Jannat all did a great job looking in each others eyes, listening, and asking questions to each other when role-playing. We also discussed what "making a good impression" means - and the students taught us how we can make a good impression! The group is quite musical also, as they are GREAT singers! Here are the lyrics to the song that Miss Shawna created:

Shaking hands with people that we meet,
Saying hello to people on the street.
When you meet somebody for the very first time
You wanna make sure you make a good impression!

In another classroom not too far away, we have STAR ZIPPERS! Shalim, Angel, Maisha, Leenah, Marcus, and Logan were all able to successfully zip not only their colorful vests they were given, but also their own jackets, which can sometimes be tricky! They were all given stickers to continue adding to their vests as their achievements accumulate. Excellent job by the students of PS 201 today!

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